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How Does This Blog Work?

Here’s how it all works:

This blog will be used (by me) to review every book or movie that I have ever read or watched during the last few or so years of my life. Nothing will be held back. I will be telling it like it is. So, if you want brute honesty about your favorite book or movie, then I’m here to tell you the brutally honest truth. I will also recommend certain movies for certain audiences as well as books.

Here’s my ratings based on what I know about movies and books:

*-1 star: pathetic
**-2 stars: so-so; they could do better than that!
***-3 stars: it’s ok, just not very exciting
****-4 stars: a worthy effort
*****-5 stars: simply the best! You’d be stupid not to enjoy this!
No stars: foul and quite offensive

So enjoy my reviews!!!


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