Novels Summarized By Someone Who Has Not Read Them

via Novels Summarized By Someone Who Has Not Read Them.

This article proves that you don’t really need to read the book in order to enjoy it. With a bit of imagination, you can reimagine the story title as you see fit.

Here are some samples:

“Are these for me?” he asked, hardly daring to believe it.
They were.
– Flowers For Algernon

“I think the yellow wallpaper looks best,” she said.
“How right you are.”
They were always happy afterwards that they had chosen the yellow wallpaper. It looked so much better than the green had.
The Yellow Wallpaper

“Should we go in without him?”
“No, let’s wait. He’d wait for us.”
“How would you like to pass the time? Screaming at one another and observing a distressing sadomasochistic relationship without intervening, or otherwise?”
“Let’s just play cards and talk about our weekends.”
“What a nice idea.”
“And then if he’s not here in thirty minutes, we’ll figure out our next move.”
“Sounds good.”
“Because it would be ridiculous, to wait here indefinitely.”
– Waiting For Godot

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