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The Oscars 2013

Well, Seth McFarlane has done it. He’s managed to host the Oscars without so much as a screw-up. (Well, save for that one part where William Shatner showcases a future video of his hosting that’s chock-full of bad jokes)

But you’re not worried about that, now are you? Here’s a list of what you need to remember from last night:

  1. the opening act
  2. a tribute to the musicals.
  3. Adele singing Skyfall
  4. Argo and Life of Pi‘s many wins
  5. the tribute to James Bond
  6. the cast of Chicago reunite
  7. Quentin Tarantino (FINALLY) gets an Oscar
  8. Daniel Day-Lewis‘s epic win
  9. the closing song

Later on, I’ll have a list of who won what award. Plus, my alter ego will take over and give you the scoop on the “Dummy” awards.


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