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Mirror Mirror (2012)

Snow White

Snow White (Photo credit: statelyenglishmanor)

via Mirror Mirror.

Main Title: Revamped version of the Disney Classic

The deal: In this story, Snow White fights against her wicked stepmother in order to win the heart of her prince.

Snow White factor: This Snow is so “useless” that she can’t even do anything right.

Huntsman factor: Some bumbling bad guy? How cliche!

Mirror factor: This mirror is a portal? How stupid! Where can I see this before?

Evil Queen factor: Julia Roberts really bombed in this movie. She really should stick to romantic comedies.

The Prince Charming factor: the prince was a real chump. We don’t like chumpy princes at all!

The Seven Dwarves factor: the only thing that was good about the movie.

The Love Triangle factor: Alcott/Queen or Alcott/Snow? Well, in my opinion, Alcott deserves better than the both of them.

Bonus Factors: Sean Bean isn’t killed off in this movie. (faith in humanity restored!)

Yay or Nay?: That movie was boring and pathetic! What a horrible movie! I can’t believe I actually watched this movie.

Rating: *1/2


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