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The Amazing Spider-Man



Garfield-Spider-Man-costume (Photo credit: Daniel Semper)

The Amazing Spider-Man.

via The Amazing Spider-Man.

Main Title: Yay! Another reboot!

Yay or Nay?: Yay! I mean, I did not expect to watch this reboot, let alone want to see it. But after all was said and done and the rather disappointing Tobey MacGuire Spider-Man 3 finale, I needed something fresh and exciting to see.

Angst factor: Tons, my friend! Tons! It’s not Spider-man without the angst!

Teen Romance: No Mary-Jane in this one (never liked her), just Gwen Stacy. And that’s just the beginning.

Bonus factor: What was Peter Parker’s father doing that was so dangerous that he had to leave his son with his brother?

Anti-bonus factor: trying to rebuild the human body, yet reptilian in nature. Like seriously, dude! Get a life and stop trying to force your ideas on humanity!

The deal: Well, you know how it goes: teenage boy gets bit by radioactive spider and becomes a superhero.

Rating: ****

(as you can see, this is my new system of rating movies; the old one is a bit out-of-date, as I developed it back in 2010. now that that’s settled, I’m going to use this to re-evaluate every movie I watched this year. here we go!)


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