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Snow White and the Huntsman



new-images-for-snow-white-and-the-huntsman-80289-05-470-75 (Photo credit: BeingGossip)

Snow White and the Huntsman.

via Snow White and the Huntsman.

Main Title: Snow White…the way a Snow White retelling should have been done.

Yay or Nay?: Yay. I’m not kidding. Good movie. Better than Mirror Mirror in my opinion.

The deal: Evil queen against teenaged stepdaughter. It’s been done before. Only this time, stepdaughter fights back. That’s right, Snow kicks butt and takes names.

Snow White factor: This Snow doesn’t need a prince to rescue her; she can do that on her own.

Huntsman factor: Taunted by his past, he seeks to protect Snow from her evil stepmother.

Mirror factor: This mirror blatantly tells the queen that Snow is going to surpass her. Yeah, way to go, mirror.

Evil Queen factor: Charlize Theron does a better job at this role than Julia Roberts, and that’s saying a lot.

Lord of the Rings factor: Snow=Frodo/evil One Ring. Huntsman=Aragorn/Sam. William=Legolas. Dwarves=Fellowship. Queen Ravenna=Sauron.

Bonus Factors: Huntsman trains Snow White to fight evil queen.

Anti-bonus Factor: Who will Snow pick as her love interst? Huntsman or William?

Rating: ****


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