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Rango (2011 film)

Rango (2011 film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Name of Movie: Rango (2011)

Director: Gore Verbinski
Date Released: March 4, 2011
Summary: In an homage to all those old Wild West movies people love, a pet chameleon gets separated from his owners and ends up in a run-down western town populated by all sorts of crazy people. After a few mishaps, Rango becomes sheriff of the town and he must now play his role seriously and make the town safe once again!
My review: What a great movie! Finally, a cartoon that doesn’t have the name “PIXAR” hanging over its head that everyone in the whole family can enjoy. I thought the references to old west films and such were great.
My recommendation: If you like old West films, Johnny Depp, and any cartoon NOT made by Pixar, this is your movie.
My rating: ****

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