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The Horse & His Boy by C. S. Lewis


Aslan (Photo credit: Daniel E Bruce)

Summary: During the days of King Peter, Queen Susan, King Edmund, and Queen Lucy, a young boy named Shasta and a horse named Bree, both living in horrid conditions, band together and save Narnia from an impending invasion. Along the way, they meet a young princess named Avaris escaping from a forced marriage and her horse Hwin, a young prince who is lost by their group, and the lion Aslan, who hastens their escape. Before the story ends, Shasta discovers that he is the long-lost son of a king, and eventually marries Avaris.

My review: I don’t usually read stories about horses, but I thought this was a good read. And because it took place in Narnia, I knew it was a good book.

My recommendation: I recommend this book for those who like adventure stories with horses featured in them.

My rating: ****


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