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Inkdeath by Cornelia Funke

Cover of "Inkheart"

Cover of Inkheart

Intro: Well, the Inkheart Saga is winding down, but there’s still more for them to do, such as bring Dustfinger back and get rid of the Adderhead.


After Dustfinger dies, Farid and Meggie plan to bring him back. But Mo takes their place and retrieves his friend, then he ends up getting captured by the Adderhead and gets rescued by the Adderhead’s daughter, Violante. The Adderhead sends the Piper (a villain) after the children while Violante’s soldiers die fighting the Adderhead’s forces. Resa turns into a bird and she and Dustfinger search for the book that the Adderhead had death bound in. Mo is commissioned to make another book, one that cannot be finished. Jacopo, the Adderhead’s grandson, steals the white book and secretly hands it to Mo, who then kills the Adderhead.

End of story: Orpheus vanishes, Farid decides to travel the lands, Mo and Resa welcome their second child, and Meggie ends up marrying Doria.

My review: Nicely written, but the ending could have been a bit more exciting. But I did hear that reviews for the book were “quite disappointing“, leading me to wonder if I should have given the book another read.

My recommendation: Anyone who has read the first two stories in this trilogy must read this book.

My rating: ****


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