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The Subtle Knife by Philip Pullman

The cover of the book The Subtle Knife.

The cover of the book The Subtle Knife. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Intro: So, what happens after the bridge to the other worlds has been made? we’ll see…


After Lyra and Pantalaimon take a trip to the hole in the sky, they continue on their quest to find Lord Asriel and the source of Dust. They end up teaming up with a boy named Will Parry, who is escaping from the police after killing a man. Through a series of adventures, Will obtains the Subtle Knife, which can cut through anything and create windows into other worlds, and he lost two fingers to get the knife.

Lyra meets a woman named Dr. Mary Malone, who is also looking for the source of Dust. Mary works at Oxford, which is in our world. A man named Sir Charles Latrom steals the alethiometer and Lyra and Will use the knife to retrieve it. Mrs. Coulter discovers that Lyra is the new EVE and she decides that rather than having mankind experience the Second Fall, she would kill her own daughter.

Serafina Pekkala rescues Lyra, Pan, and Will from certain death in the city of Cittàgazze and they go a few ways. Will ends up finding his father, John Parry/Stanislaus Grumman after Lee Scoresby finds him and they travel together, but an angry witch kills Grumman because Grumman refused to love her because he had already married and had a son.

Mary quits her job and speaks to the dark matter and finds out that she is to play the SNAKE, who tempts EVE (Lyra) a second time.

When the Magisterium‘s Army gets wind of Scoresby and Grumman, they attack. Scorebsy dies, giving Grumman the chance to escape and find Will and tell him to deliver the knife to Lord Asriel.

Will’s hand, now healed, and he returns to Lyra, only to discover that she had been kidnapped and two angels named Balthamos and Baruch sitting in her place.

My review: Once again, an excellent story, And it seems to play out like the Two Towers, where the forces of evil unite and only a small country of brave men could stand up to them, and also, when Frodo was captured by the enemy after being bitten by Shelob the spider.

My recommendation: if you have managed to get past the first book, you’ll enjoy the second book.
My rating: ****


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