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The Lion, the Witch, & the Wardrobe by C. S. Lewis

Cair Paravel

Cair Paravel (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Intro: After the Magician’s Nephew, four English schoolchildren are shipped off to the country to escape from the air raids in London. Well, we all know what happens next…


Lucy Pevensie steps into Narnia and meets Mr. Tumnus the faun. He says that he’s been forced to work for the White Witch, who is so evil that she has banned Christmas in Narnia. Edmund follows Lucy and meets the White Witch herself, who feeds him Turkish Delight and tricks him into getting his siblings into Narnia. When Peter and Susan join them, they find out that Mr. Tumnus has been arrested for having Lucy over for tea.

The kids meet Mr. and Mrs. Beaver, who tell them that they are destined to sit ion the thrones of Cair Paravel and that “Aslan is on the move”. Edmund disappears and they all fear that he is betraying everyone to the White Witch. the Beavers take the others to the campgrounds, where they meet Father Christmas on the way and receive special gifts to help them defeat the White Witch.

Aslan the Lion shows up and greets the kids. He leads a rescue team and they free Edmund from the Witch’s grasp. The White Witch shows up, demanding that Edmund be returned to her, but Aslan chooses to put himself in Edmund’s place. That night, Susan and Lucy witness the White Witch’s minions kill Aslan and leave him on the stone table to die. Peter and Edmund plan to counteract the Witch’s attack and they and the Narnian army set off to challenge her.

Aslan is restored to life and explains to Susan and Lucy that when a hero dies a traitor’s death, death can be erased. He then takes then to the White Witch’s palace and frees the prisoners, among them, Mr. Tumnus.

At the battle, things are not going well. Edmund bravely breaks the White Witch’s wand and nearly dies. Aslan and the prisoners show up and the White Witch’s army flees. After the wounded are treated, Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy are crowned Kings and Queens of Narnia and they rule for many years until they return back to the Professor’s house.

My review: I have read the book over 100 times and still I am impressed by the book.

My recommendation: So if you want to know about traveling through wardrobes and fighting evil witches, this is the book for you!

My rating: ****


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