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New Moon by Stephenie Meyer

Cover of "New Moon (The Twilight Saga, Bo...

Cover of New Moon (The Twilight Saga, Book 2)

Intro: Ok, so you survived reading TWILIGHT the book, now here comes NEW MOON!


Bella turns 18 and realizes that she’s getting old. But Edward thinks that having her brithday is the best thing that happened to him (besides meeting her, of course). But a disaster at the Cullen house (where Bella suffers a papercut on her finger and Jasper tries to eat her) makes Edward realize that this just wasn’t going to work for either of them, so he tells Bella he’s leaving her and moving away.

cue sad music…

5 months later, Bella is not very happy because Edward and his family is gone. In desperation, she runs into her best friend Jacob Black, who is a wolf and he helps her recover from her slump. But Bella is addicted to adrenaline and she nearly kills herself all in the name of fun. Jacob saves her from death and tells her that a family friend has died of a sudden heart attack.

So why does Alice show up at Bella’s house and yells at her for cliffdiving? Because Edward is in Volterra, and he thinks Bella is dead so he plans to provoke the Volturi (the leaders of the vampire world) into killing him. Bella and Alice make their way into Italy in order to stop Edward from making a very serious mistake.

After all is said and done, they make their way home, and Bella ends up being grounded for riding motorcycles without her father’s knowledge nor consent and sneaking off to Italy without telling everyone. Edward then does a super bold thing to win her back: PROPOSING MARRIAGE!!!

My review: nicely done, even if it was a bit depressing at times. The movie version for it was excellent!

My recommendation: If you have read Twilight, then read this book.

My rating: *****


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