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Inkspell by Cornelia Funke

Inkheart trilogy

Inkheart trilogy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Intro: So you had something great happen to you and you want to go on an adventure in your favorite book. Well here’s what happens if that were to happen…


A year after INKHEART takes place, Dustfinger is so homesick that he hires a crooked reader named Orpheus to read him back into the Inkworld. But Farid is left out and he begs Meggie to read him into the Inkworld so they can warn Dustfinger about the attempt that Basta is about to make on his life.

Basta, Mortola, Orpheus, and someone else show up at Elinor’s house and capture everyone living there. Basta, Mortola, Mo, and Resa end up going into the Inkworld, where Mortola shoots Mo and fatally wounds him, giving Resa her lost voice back. Mo is found out to be the “Bluejay” which is Fenoglio‘s version of Robin Hood (or so, I think).

Meggie eventually finds Fenoglio (who is living in Inkworld) and he has her read the dead Prince Cosimo back to life. There is an evil prince called the Adderhead and he fears nothing but death. He captures the Strolling Players (among them Meggie, Mo, and Resa) and forces Mo to make a book for him that would make him immortal. (however, if anyone was to write the words heart, spell, and death into the book, the Adderhead would die)

Farid and Dustfinger sneak into the Adderhead’s palace covered in soot and rescues everyone. Farid and Meggie wind up falling in love after the rescue. The Adderhead sends Basta and several others to kill the prisoners after they escape, and Dustfinger gives up his life to save Farid after he is killed by Basta and Mo kills him.

Orpheus ends up being read into Inkworld and Farid forces him to promise to write something that would bring Dustfinger back. Like all sequels, this story ends on a cliffhanger with Farid hoping that the reader would make good on his promise.

My review: Well, it was all right for a sequel, but I would have written it a bit…better?

My recommendation: anyone who has read Inkheart or loves books in general will want to read this book.

My rating: ****


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