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Inkheart by Cornelia Funke

Inkheart (film)

Inkheart (film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

They say books come to life when you read them. But what if you had the power to ACTUALLY read something to life? That would be cool…and quite dangerous.


Meggie’s father Mo (who is a bookbinder) has a remarkable gift of reading things to life out of a book, but alas, he has no control over what comes out of the book. Many years ago, Mo read a book called “Inkheart” to Meggie and his wife, Teresa, but bad things happen: Teresa disappears and out comes Dustfinger (a fire-monger), Gwin (his pet marten) and an evil fire-monger named Capricorn.

Many years later, Meggie spies on Dustfinger and Mo when Dustfinger tells him that Capricorn and his men want Inkheart as well as Mo himself. Mo packs up Meggie and they go off to her great-aunt Elinor Loredan, an old woman with an impressive library full of books. Meggie discovers that Mo had hidden Inkheart the book among her other books. That night, Mo gets kidnapped by Capricorn and his men, and Meggie is angry because she believes that Dustfinger had betrayed them.

Mo ends up in Capricorn’s village in Italy. Capricorn forces Mo to read him treasure out of 1,001 Arabian Nights, but a boy named Farid falls out the book instead. Dustfinger, Meggie, and Elinor sneak in and rescue Mo and Farid and Meggie like each other.

Later on, Mo goes to find Fenoglio (author of Inkheart) to see if he a copy of the book, but Fenoglio tells him the book was stolen. Meggie somehow reads Peter Pan and Tinkerbell falls out. She is captured by Basta (Capricorn’s right-hand man) when he finds out that she too could read books to life.

When they discover that Meggie had been caught, Mo, Dustfinger, Farid, and Elinor go off to save her. Meggie discovers that her mother Resa is still alive, but mute. She had been held captive by Capricorn’s mother, Mortola. Capricorn forces her to read out his assassin, called the Shadow, but Meggie and Fenoglio switch passages at the last minute, in which many people (among them Capricorn) die, but Basta and Mortola escape. Fenoglio disappears into Inkheart.

The family, now reunited, goes back to Elinor’s house, but Dustfinger, feeling homesick, takes the copy of Inkheart and disappears.

My Review: I knew it was a perfect book when I read it, and I also like the film version of it. A very good book for anyone to read.

My recomendation: If you are a complete and total bookworm, you’ll love this book.

My rating: *****


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