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Eldest by Christopher Paolini

Cover of "Eldest (Inheritance, Book 2)"

Cover of Eldest (Inheritance, Book 2)

If you liked reading Eragon, here’s the sequel to the story, which is called “ELDEST“!


Since Christopher Paolini doesn’t like to waste time with any time with the timeskips, he’s jumping right into the next story, which goes like this: After the battle of Farthen Dûr, Ajihad (leader of the Varden) is ambushed by Urgals and he dies and the Twins and Murtagh disappear. The Varden mourn and Eragon is sad, for he and Murtagh had become friends. Nasuada (Ajihad’s daughter) becomes the new leader of the Varden. Hrothgar (the dwarf king) adopts Eragon and sends him and his nephew, Orik, to Ellesmera with Arya so that Eragon could train with the Elves.

Meanwhile, Galbatorix wants Roran, Eragon’s cousin. Roran refuses to hand himself over. But when the Ra’zac kidnap his fiancee, Katrina, Roran decides to head south to Surda (a rebel country), taking the entire village of Carvahall with him. They endure hardships before meeting Jeod, Brom’s old friend, who lives in Terim. Jeod agrees to help get the group to Surda, and with Jeod’s wife Helen, they steal a ship and sail off to Surda.

Nasuada decides to move the Varden from Farhen Dur to Surda (a country built by people who really hate King Galbatorix) and stays with their foppish king, Orrin. She endures hardships and makes plans to strike against the wicked king.

Eragon is now studying in Ellesmera. He meets Oromis (an old Dragon Rider) and his dragon, Glaedr. Arya reveals that she once had a falling out with her mother when she decided to join the Varden. Her mother is Queen Islanzadi. Eragon grows quickly and powerful under the elves’ teachings, and Saphira does too. He even experiences the feeling of being in love with Arya, but she rejects him. But then Arya is called away, for another confrontation with Galbatorix is happening. Eragon packs up Saphira and Orik and return to Surda, his back healed and his anger at the evil king rising.

When Eragon returns to Surda, the Varden are happy to see him; he had been gone for several months. But the next day, the battle begins. Eragon and Saphira fight alongside some Urgals, who have also joined the fight against Galbatorix. A ship is sighted and Eragon goes down to attack it, only to realize that onboard the ship is Roran, Jeod, and the entire village of Carvahall.

But then King Hrothgar dies and Eragon must face another Dragon Rider. But the Rider turns out to be Murtagh, who was once Eragon’s friend. Murtagh reveals that the Twins betrayed the Varden, killed Ajihad, and kidnapped him. Galbatorix found out about Murgath and forced him to talk about Eragon, Saphira, and the Varden. Murtagh also reveals that he too has a dragon named Thorn. He also has another terrible secret: Eragon is the son of Morzan, who Brom killed. Roran jumps off the ship and kills the evil Twins. Eragon is crushed and Murtagh flies off, promising not to meet up with Eragon since he’s deciding to let him go instead of capturing him. The Varden wins the battle and the king’s armies flee.

Eragon later tells Nasuada, Arya, and Roran about Murtagh. All three are shocked to find out that Murtagh is Eragon’s brother. Eragon later tells Roran his entire story, and then promises to help him kill the Ra’zac and rescue Katrina.

My Review: The sequel couldn’t be better. Lots of fighting and some near pop-culture references in the book as well. If Christopher Paolini is reading this, then PLEASE make it so that Eragon and Arya hook up. They belong together!

My recomendation: If you’re read Eragon, you must also read this book.

My rating: ****


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